We Can Build Your Crowd On Those Slow Nights Or Make Your Good Nights Even Better Guaranteed!

Karaoke service money back offer

  • Increase Your Profits
  • Create Fun for Clients
  • Experienced & Respected
  • State of the Art Sound
  • Huge Song selection
  • Spanish Karaoke Songs
  • Play’s DJ Music during Karaoke breaks to keep all patrons happy

I am looking for venues to offer my Karaoke service to. I promote my shows locally in an effort to build a customer base within a 15 mile radius of your business.

When I find the right business partner I have enjoyed very long term relationships with them (5 to 15 years with 4 clients & 3 to 5 years with 6 clients) because I tailor my shows to best benefit the needs of each business I work for.

In short if you will work with me, I will work with you to help build your business. Enter your info on the right to get my current availability and rates.

WE get the party started